Free Workshop | Tuesday, October 12th


Get noticed, skyrocket your reputation, and attract new clients by becoming your own publicist

with Susie Moore

What you’ll learn:

The 3 major roadblocks between you and amazing PR for your business
How to leverage what you already have to get PR, from big outlets, for your business
How I grew my email list by 29,000+ in 9 months purely by leveraging the media
Which PR opportunities actually grow your business and which don’t (Warning: you’ll be surprised!)

Tuesday, October 12th

2PM EST / 11AM PST / 6PM GMT / 7PM BST /

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What they’re saying about Susie:

“Using Susie’s exact pitching process I got straight into MONEY! And the piece went semi-viral, leading to a VOX piece about it that generated even more buzz!”

Laura Belgray

Co-Creator of The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo

“I had no idea how to do it (get publicity). I thought it was this big, major thing that you needed to do in order to share your ideas and the level up your business, and with Susie’s methodology it was just so easy.”

Alejandra Rojas

Mindset Coach

“I’ve been running Facebook ads for the last 3 months to a new funnel I built. With a small spend of between $5-$10 per day I have been getting a token 1-2 sign ups a day.

After my first article went live, I had 530 sign ups, 30 sales, 3 radio interviews and 3 coaching requests! I couldn’t believe it!

Susie said this would happen – it did. She said we would get published – I did. She said it would grow my list better than before – it is.

I just wish I started this a long time ago.”

Andrew Woodward

Finance + Money Coach

“I implemented Susie’s strategies and my article was accepted by a magazine! Susie is the Real Deal. She cares about her students’ success in a way that is both refreshing and authentic. So many marketing “experts” care more about making money than they do about really helping their clients. I couldn’t imagine investing my time or my money with any other publicity expert. Her sincerity shines bright!”

Tracy Lynn

Domestic Violence Educator and Advocate

“I need to say a big thank you to Susie Moore! I’d pitched to publications before to lukewarm responses, so to have my first pitch accepted by Entrepreneur was super cool!”

Amy Chen

Business Coach and Consultant

“Susie runs circles around the rest of us and makes it look easy. For someone so accomplished to open up so candidly is an opportunity for the rest of us to learn and one we shouldn’t miss.”

Libby Kane

Business Insider

“I thought only PR people could submit. Who would listen to me? What value could I even begin to offer? Many of these were self-imposed gremlins that were pretty difficult to overcome. Since starting, I have been featured in many blogs and have been featured in national media… I have been published in Bustle, Parents, SheFinds, Parents Latina and Business News Daily!”

Shirley Vazquez Arteaga

Corporate Coach